Bulimia and Celebraties

There is no discrimination when it comes to eating disorders…

Anyone can literally develop anorexia, bulimia or binge eating disorder.

Elite athletes, movie stars and singers are also among those who is at risk.

some of them prefer to keep their ED in the dark, others speak about their struggles and hardships very openly, encouraging and motivating others to sick recovery. For example Demi Lovato – an American singer – is a recovered bulimic. She used to struggle with weight and binging and purging behaviors for quite some time. Here is what Demi is saying in one of her interviews about her eating disorder battle…

Being at the spotlight, she broke down and became bulimic…

She went through recovery and today is a great example for young girls and boys to get better!

Well done, Demi


3 Must-To-Know Facts About Bulimia

Bulimia Nervosa is one of the most dangerous eating disorders. Every year, more and more women and men become bulimic by getting stuck in unhealthy behaviors of compulsive overeating, binging and purging, over exercising and abusing different diuretics and laxatives.

Chasing the perfection of their bodies and looks, they sacrifice both mental and physical health: develop depression and anxiety, heart and stomach problems, electrolyte misbalance, dehydration and other side effects that might even lead to death.

Bulimia is very irrational, if you look at it: you binge on food, make yourself throw up, repeat. The problem with bulimia, is that all its behaviors are very addictive and have a very important emotional purpose they serve. In other words binging and purging help to avoid life stress, numb out and escape. It is almost like binge drinking, but instead of alcohol you use food.

Bulimia recovery is possible, with the right approach, good meal plan, and support. When you get to the root of the problem, and work on the underlying issues of this eating disorder, it becomes easier to knock out the behaviors.

So, it is very important to bring more awareness about why you binge and purge if you do so. And this blog will help you to do so.

We will support you on this journey,

Tony Franklin